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Sportsmanship Awards

The AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award

AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award medallion

The AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award was begun in 2006. The program was established by the AKC to provide each AKC member club, of which the BTCA is one, with an AKC Medallion to award to one of its own on a yearly basis.

This award honors those individuals who deserve special recognition for having made a difference in the sport of purebred dogs, embodied the AKC Code of Sportsmanship, and have been an active and valued member of the BTCA. Medallions are awarded solely at the club’s discretion.

The BTCA solicits nominations from its membership for those deserving of the award. A committee of 5, headed by Terry Pratt and including the 4 previous years’ recipients, reads through the nominations received and makes their choice from among them. Like the BTCA award, the AKC award is also presented to the surprised recipient at the BTCA Awards Banquet, held the last night of Nationals week. Past recipients are listed on the AKC web site

Nominations can be made year round for The AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship award, and a nomination form is available within the Coast to Coast as well as on the BTCA web site. Begin thinking about those fellow exhibitors and breeder who have made a difference to you; who have brought a smile to your face when you’ve hit a low point; who have celebrated those big wins with you; who has been there in the middle of the night to help you through those first few rough days of your first litter; who have welcomed you, encouraged you, and made you feel a part of the Boston Terrier family.

And let us all strive to be a good sportsman who our peers respect and value enough to be nominated for this special honor! Nominations are accepted through the end of February each year.

AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship of the Year Award Nomination Form

Deadline for nominations for the AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship of the Year Award is the last day of February each year.

– NO EXCEPTIONS – One nomination per member

Email your submission to the Sportsmanship Award Committee Chair, Terry Pratt, at:

Award Winners

2024 Nancy A Huber
2023 Charlie Leavitt
2022 Lorri Sheets
2021 Shirley Sanders
2020 Betsy King DVM
2019 Maureen Blackwood
2018 Clarice Dean
2017 Peggy Golden
2016 Pat McCann
2015 Carl E. Gomes
2014 Sonya Baird
2013 Susan Herber
2012 Margaret Noble
2011 Terry Pratt
2010 Peggy Jackson
2009 Kelly Misegadis
2008 Dan & Julie Haddy
2007 Kathleen “Marby” Kelly

The BTCA Good Sportsmanship Award in Memory of Mira Jilbert
Good sportsmanship is something that every exhibitor should strive for, and is clearly valued by the BTCA, as evidenced by two awards given each year acknowledging outstanding sportsmanship among its membership: The BTCA Good Sportsmanship Award in Memory of Mira Jilbert and The AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award. First awarded in 1996, The BTCA Good Sportsmanship Award in Memory of Mira Jilbert is awarded to a BTCA member who has not only exhibited good sportsmanship, but who has contributed to the betterment of the Boston Terrier through their breeding program, work with local Clubs, mentoring of new Boston Terrier enthusiasts, general work for the breed and work for the BTCA.  The recipient must be alive and must not be a past recipient of the award.  They must also be a member in good standing of the BTCA. Mira Jilbert was a past President of the Boston Terrier Club of Detroit.  She was also active in the Midwest Boston Terrier Regional and was one of the members who lobbied to have the location of the BTCA National Specialty Show rotate around the country.  She was also a BTCA Board Member.  Mira was active in Obedience and brought Obedience Trials to the BTCA National Specialty.

Winners of The BTCA Good Sportsmanship Award were chosen by a committee of the 3 last winners of the award.

To be chosen as a winner of this coveted prize was certainly both an honor and a privilege.

The surprise announcement was made each year at the Awards Banquet at the BTCA National Specialty. Past winners were included on the Perpetual Trophy.

This award was retired in 2018.

Award Winners

1996 Kathleen “Marby” Kelly
1997 Donald Van Avery
1998 Ellen Dresselhuis
1999 Hazel Steele
2000 Patricia Stone
2001 Charles Stevenson
2002 Alice Ochiai
2003 Deana Jones
2004 Joan Oja
          Kate McGlone
2005 Curt & Pat McCann
2006 Dorothy Truman
2007 Ruth M. Leiberg
2008 Jennifer Radcliffe
2009 Gloria Shaver
2010 Carl E. Gomes
2011 Beverly & Michael Staley
2012 Kathryn T. Graves
2013 Linda & James Alexander
2014 Suzanne “Maxine” Uzoff
2015 Susan Krouse
2016 Connie McCord
2017 Patricia Wietrick
2018 Janet Harner