Boston Terrier Club of America

Official National Breed Club of "The American Gentleman"

About Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers are special dogs that can do special things. They are highly intelligent and learn quickly. They enjoy showing off in the conformation ring and do very well in Obedience, Therapy work, and Performance Events  (Agility, Flyball and even Weight pulling!)  Bostons excel in many roles. A Boston Terrier can be a child’s rough and tumble best buddy, or a senior citizen’s soulmate and confidante. Most of all they excel at being your “best friend”!

However, they are not for everyone.

Bostons require a lot of time and attention. They are and have been bred to be companions. They will languish without human contact. They are not “outside” dogs!

Boston Terriers are very active dogs that love to play. Without some basic training they may jump on you and maybe even give little nips while playing. Some Bostons have been given up for adoption or dropped off the local “dog pound” for these very reasons.

Boston Terriers can also be prone to some health problems, many of which require expensive Veterinary attention. If you would like to know more about some of these health problems, please visit Boston Terrier Club of America’s Health Committee.