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Glamourous Boston Terrier

Remember, if you looking for a Boston Terrier as a member of the family, this is serious business.
It’s one of the few times in your life you will be able to choose a member of your own family.
You must take the time to search for the right Boston Terrier and the right breeder.

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BTCA member website links are $12.00 per year if paid by check to and $12.75 if paid by PayPal. 

You must be a BTCA member in good standing and links must be to a regular website, not to forums or links to sites that advertise for breeders as a service. (i.e. MSN, MySpace, Facebook, 360,, etc.)

The due date for payment of members’ links is July 1 of each year, with a 90-day grace period (the same as for membership dues). If payment is not received by September 30, your link will be automatically deleted from the BTCA website. The fee covers the period of October 1 to September 30 of the following year and is not prorated.

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