is a member of the American Kennel Club and is also the
National Club which represents, protects, and furthers
the interests of the breed and its owners throughout the world.

Health Certificate Recipients

2009 Health Certificate Holders

2009 Gold Health Certificates

Kirkwood’s Coosaga Rhiannon
Sonya M. & Richard E. Baird

Ch Rio’s One Hit Wonder
Amy Beskau & Karen Beskau & Kayla Beskau

Sabe’s Aria of Donnybrook
Maureen Blackwood

Ch Wyatt’s Westbound Highwayman
Jennifer Block

Sabe-N-Puritan’s Fail-Safe Key
Jill Bunnell

BISS AM/CN Nipmuc’s Mystic Brew
Cyndie Bussey

AM/CN Ch Nipmuc’s Mystic Apple Jacks
Nipmuc’s Mystic Shakespear In Love
Cyndie Bussey & Renee Buzzell

Ch Pequoag J’s Instigater
Cyndi Bussy & Nancy Washburn

Himalia Jackson
Wy Not Remember Kingway
Kathryn Currier

Ch Tam-Ra Sez Im The One
Tam-Ra’s Im A Flirt Too
Tamara Hough

Ch Gumbo-Kean’s Cosmic Stargazer
Jami & A. Robert Magnum

Ch Alpha’s Here’s Your Sign
Ch Alpha’s Just “N” Case
Mary Miller

Nantom’s New Endeavor
Nancy & Tom Paget

Ch Anchor’s & Redbird’s Biscuit
Ch Kennedy’s & Anchor’s She’s Hot
Norm & Marilyn Randall

 Ch Sabe’s Ghost Ryder
Ch Sabe’s Man In Black
Sabe’s G’Nite Gracie
Sabe’s ‘N Cardinal Fan
Sabe’s Trick Or Treat
Sabe’s Whatever Lola Wants
Sharon Saberton

Ken’s Spring Fling
Karen Workman

2008 Health Certificate Holders

2008 Gold Health Certificates – Veteran

Ch Wy Not Top Hand Of Kimkev, CD, CDX, NAJ
Kathryn Currier

Ch Bleugras Jolie` Of Buena Vista, CGC, ROM*
Sue & Lou LeCalsey

2008 Gold Health Certificates

Ch Classic’s One Cool Kid
Lynda Bradley

Ch Ri-Ja’s Out Of The Shadows
Richard & Jane Craven

Ch Juwell’s Definately Divine O’JC’S
Ch Juwell’s Divine Fantacy By JC’S
Juwell’s Divine Elegance By JC’S
Judy Criswell

Ch Wy Not Rocky Mtn Dixie Chick
Wy Not Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Wy Not Scarlet Ribbon
Ch Wy Not Sheridan Of Ri-Val
Wy Not Small Town Jewel
Kathryn Currier

Ch Blumn N Foaks Forever Young
Charlotte Donner & Kayley Kovar

Manarjj’s Who Wears Hot Pants
Tamara Hough & Nancy Johnson

Ch WWF Kingway Signature
WWF Sophisticated  Lady
Steve & Linda Howarth

Ch Shadowlakes King Oberon
Terry Jenkins

Ch Achates Class Act
Ch Achates D’Keeper Of The Spirit, CGC
Ch Achates Definitely A Keeper, CGC
Ch Achates Deluxe Time Keeper, CGC
Ch Achates First Alert Storm Warning
Ch Achates Gorgeous Alli-Gater
Ch Achates George The Investi-Gater
Ch Achates Gus, The Interro-Gater
Ch Achates Hometown Legend
Ch Achates I Of The Storm
Ch Kennedy’s The Legend Gets Better At Achates
Achates High Society
Sue & Lou LeCalsey

Kobus Guardian Of The Sioux
Kobus Kat On A Hot Tin Roof
Gail Okray

Ch Di Amore’s Caricatura Da Cap
Cynthia Pagurski

Vue-Mor’s With Liberty
Tim & Donna Schneider

Diasore PNW Jelly Belly Beans
Diane Sorenson

Ch Lick-Ya-N-Heart-N-Soul I Luv Troubl
Susan & Mary Ann Staehle

Ch Staley’s Million Dollar Baby
Beverly & Michael Staley

2007 Health Certificate Holders

2007 Gold Health Certificates

Ch Donnybrook’s Aramis
Ch Donnybrook’s Artful Dodger
Maureen Blackwood

Alpha’s Calypso O’Donnybrook
Alpha’s Chantilly O’Donnybrook
Maureen Blackwood  & Mary Miller

BISS AM/CN Ch Nipmuc’s Mystic Brew
Ch Pequoag J’s Instigater
Cindi Bussey

Bo-Ty’s WyNot Just Do It
Kathryn Currier

Renea’s Diamond Jubilee
Renea’s Earl’s Pearle
Renea’s Firecracker
Renea’s Ruffian
Byron Elder

El-Bo’s Cheri Jubilee
Kissme Bold Brilliance
Kissme Bold Splendor
Kissme Suede Enchantress
Elizabeth Ferris

Ch Sunglo’s Elyssian Maiden
Elizabeth Ferris & Lisa Braunsteen & Ann Sunday

Ch Karadin Kissed By Suede
Elizabeth Ferris & Lisa Braunsteen & Marian Robben

Kissme Robmar’s Legacy Of Suede
Elizabeth Ferris & Marian Robben

Asladia’s Satin Slipper By Suede
Elizabeth Ferris & Susan Howard

Ch Kissme El-Bo’s Aramis Crusader
Elizabeth Ferris & Bob Candland

Primary Cassiopeia
Primary Dolly Llama
Primary Fannie Pax
Ch Renea’s Sung As A Bug
Mary Hawkins

Achates First Alert Storm Warning
Achates George The Investi-Gater
Ch Achates Class Act
Ch Achates Definitely A Keeper, CGC
Ch Achates Deluxe Time Keeper, CGC
Ch Achates D’Keeper Of The Spirit
Ch Achates Gorgeous Alli-Gater
Ch Achates Gus, The Interro-Gater
Ch Bleugras Jolie` Of Buena Vista, CGC, ROM
Ch Kennedy’s The Legend Gets Better At Achates
Sue & Lou LeCalsey

Ch Katbird’s Just A Matter ‘O ‘Fact
Mary Miller

Ch Peja’s Roulette Royale
Mary Miller & Peggy Jackson

Alpha’s Angel Eyes
Mary Miller & Tracy Potts

Kirkwood’s Cosmic Ray
Trudy Sample

Dinasore PNW Teddy Heartsong
Diane Sorenson

Davane-Trader’s Precocious
Linda Trader & Joyce M. Davis

Ch Heartbeats Little Tom Thumb
Vicki Wilt

2007 Silver Health Certificates

Katbird’s Starlight O’Donnybrook
Maureen Blackwood

Davane-Trader’s Boacious
Linda Trader & Joyce M. Davis

Dinasore PNW Lil Drummer Boy
Diane Sorenson

2006 Health Certificate Holders

2006 Gold Health Certificate: Veteran

Ouray's Heart of Squanto
San-D's Tickle Me Elmo
Barbara Hoke

2006 Gold Health Certificates

Ch Bo-Ty's Just Crusin'
Ch Bo-Ty's Just Dreamin'
Ch Bo-Ty's Just Imagine
Cindy, Logan & Tom Adams

Bo-K's Yellow Rose of Texas
Nancy Ames

Ouray's Ribbons @ Bows Day
Donna M. Ashbey-Hackler

ChrisMaso's Palladium Chantuse
Blair C Barrett & Pamela H. Preston

Motif's Princess Fiona At Rio
Amy Beskau & Karen Beskau

Ch Donnybrook's Aramis
Ch Donnybrook's Artful Dodger
Maureen & Lonnie Blackwood

Kismets Jazz Box Bonnie
Shana Bobbitt

Ch Cool Maximum Impression
Lynda J. Bradley

Ch JC's Smooth Operator
Judy Criswell

Ch Kennedy's Keepsake O Renea
Ch Wynot Rocky Mountain High
Byron Elder

Yella Rose Angelic Soul @ Rutek
Donna Hackle

Ch Peja's May The Force Be With You
Julie & Daniel Haddy

Ouray's Fire Breathing Dragon
Yella Rose Darlin Clementine
Yella Rose Enuff Said
Yella Hope Springs Eternal
Yella Rose Makin It Happen
Yella Rose My Bad Of Sur'A
Yella Rose Scarlett Ribbons
Yella Rose WWW. Memory @ Rutek
Barbara Hoke

Achates Center Stage
Achates Early Morning Storm
Ch Achates Class Act
Ch Achates Critics Choice
Ch Achates D'Keeper Of The Spirit
Ch Achates Definitely A Keeper, CGC
Ch Achates Deluxe Time Keeper, CGC
Ch Bleugras Jolie of Buena Vista, CGC, ROM
Ch Kennedy’s The Legend Gets Better At Achates
Sue & Lou LeCalsey

Ch Sandy Rae's Jewel By Wyndsong
Sandra Linsen & Stephanie Krewson

Am/Cn Ch ChriMaso's Midnight Mai Tai
ChriMaso's Lucky Copper Coin
Ch Kirkwood's Cosmo Knows Who DunIt
Pamela H. Preston

ChriMaso's Jingle Bell Casino
ChriMaso's Ruth ala Loretta
Pamela H. Preston & Lynda J. Bradley

Ch Sabe's Man In Black
Paynes Ebony And Ivory
Sabe's Annie Oakley
Sabe's Armani By Donnybrook
Sabe's G'Nite Gracie
Sharon Saberton

Ch Klassic Irish Prince
Rebecca Smith

2006 BTCA Silver Certificates

Ch Hollands Naughty Knickers
Yella Rose Dilemma
Yella Rose Nobody's Listening
Barbara Hoke

Ch Bramley's Kiss Me Kate
Ch Cool Formal Attire
Jan Shelton

Ch Little Creek's Incredible Hulk
June Truex

2005 Health Certificate Holders

2005 Gold Health Certificates

Ch Bo-Ty's Just One Look
Ch El-Bo's Just Whistlin' Dixie
Cindy, Tom & Logan Adams

Ch Jewell's Divine In Motion
Ch Norlight's Black Ty Affair
Judy Criswell

Renea's Wy-Not Special K
CH Renea's Real Tyme
CH Padee's Wy-Not Start A Rumor
Wy Not Top Hand Of Kimkev
Ch Wy-Not Small Town Gem
 Kathryn Currier

Ch Bluemoon's Over The Limit
Charlotte Donner

CH Kennedy's Rook O Renea
CH Renea's Monica
CH Renea's Rhiannon
CH Renea's Rock Star Man
Renea's Ringo's Jezzabel
Renea's Robin
Renea's Show'N Tell Of Primary
Wyatt's Hope Crest O Renea
Byron W. Elder

Kiss Me Bold Mischief Tia
CH Kiss Me My Bella Sophia
CH S-K's Kiss Me I'am Naughty
 Elizabeth Ferris

CH S-K's Satine Queen Of Candar
Darlus & Candice Gerson

Wagtime Independenz @ Jo-Clem
Daniel & Julie Haddy

Ouray's Heart Of Squanto
Yella Rose Hopesprings Eternal
Barbara Hoke

Achates Center Stage
Ch Achates Class Act
Ch Achates Critics Choice
Ch Achates Definitely A Keeper
Ch Achates D'Keeper Of The Sprit
Ch Achates Deluxe Time Keeper
Ch Bluegras Jolie’ Of Buena Vista
Sue & Lou LeCalsey

Lyn D Anns Lady Libertebell
Mtn Mac Princley Lord Hamlet
Patricia McAnally

ChriMaso's Jinglebell Casino
Pamela H. Preston

ChriMaso's Ruth Ala Loretta
Pamela H. Preston & Salem Cooper

Kirkwood's Cosmic Ray
Trudy Sample

Arcadian's Magic Of Whalom
Whalom's Cajun Sensation Of San-D
Whalom's Golden Girl
Whalom's Wish Come True
Ch Whalom's Leading Lady
Ch Whalom's Something Special
Christiane J. Scarpino

Bramley's Crazy From The Heart
Diane Sorenson & Kelly Estes

Sunglo's Elyssian Maiden
Ann & Thomas Sunday and Elizabeth Ferris

CH Luke N Davane Cambridge
Linda Trader

CH Bluebonnet Texas Ranger Bo-K
Andrea Clark-Vargas & Carlos Vargas

2005 Silver Health Certificates

CH S-K's Glamor Girl
Kiss Me Here I Come Funy Girl
Kiss Me Madison Dream Girl
Elizabeth Ferris

Di Amore's Angelina Di Ouro
Cynthia L. Pagurski

S-K's Dynamic Doll Byrmar
S-K's Simply Jennifer
S-K's Sweet As Can Be Byrmar
CH Katbird's Bet I'm Bodacious
Susan Krouse

2004 Health Certificate Holders

2004 Gold Health Certificates

Joham’s Princess Leia, CGC
Shana Bobbitt

Gilja’s O’Brien Oliver To Show
Jane E. Cole & Peggy Lee O’Brien

CH Bleugras Jolie Of Buena Vista
Sue & Lou LeCalsey

Lyn D Anns Lady Libertebelle
CH Lyn D Anns Lord Lil Mac
Pat McAnally

CH Alpha’s Rhythm Of My Heart
CH Alpha’s Unforgettable By Peja
Mary V. Miller

CH Alpha’s Design’N’Style by Peja
CH Alpha’s Timeless Design
Alpha’s Timeless Natalie
Alpha’s Timeless Style
Mary V. Miller & Tracy Potts

CH Lochlan’s Leader Of The Pack
Lynne & Terry Russell

Payne’s Ebony And Ivory
Sabe’s G’Nite Gracie
Sabe’s Annie Oakley
Sabe’s Armani By Donnybrook
Sharon Saberton

2004  Silver Health Certificates

Sandy Rae’s Texas Bluebonnet
Sandra R. Linsen

CH Motif’s Simply Elegant Of Brio
Kim & Whitney Rutherford

2003 Health Certificate Holders

2003 Gold Health Certificates

Ch Bramley’s Cool Canadian Storm
Kennedy’s Cool Pacific Storm
Melany Anaya

Ch Angel N’ Ri-Ja’s Boom’n Echo
Ch Krak-Mont’s Cool Beginnings
Melany Anaya & Linda Mitcham

Ch Donnybrook’s Aramis
Maureen Blackwood

Ch Alpha’s Chloe by Donnybrook
Mary Miller & Maureen Blackwood

Ch Elite Hollywood Nightlife
Valerie Caccia

Ch Polser’s Dallas del Rio
M. Hagerstrand

Ch Bleugras Jolie` of Buena Vista
Sue & Lou LeCalsey

Ch Lyn-D-Anns Lord Lil’ Mac
Lyn-D-Anns Lady Libertybelle
Pat McAnally

Ch Alpha’s Rhythm of My Heart
Alpha’s Timeless Natalie
Alpha’s Timeless Style
Ch Alpha’s Unforgettable By Peja
Mary Miller

Ch Alpha’s Design N’ Style By Peja
Ch Alpha’s Timeless Design
Ch Alpha’s Unchained Melody
Mary Miller & Tracy Potts

Ch Elite’s Little Miss Revlon
Elite’s Geisha Girl
Elite High Roller By Torque
Elite Hollywood Biker Chick
Elite’s Trippin’ The Light Fantastic
Elite’s Miss Hollywood
Wendy Orgren

Kirkwood’s Cosmic Ray
Trudy Sample

Sabe’s Sunset Serenade
Sharon Saberton

Whalom’s Cajun Sensation of San-D
Whalom’s Something Special
Whalom’s Whistlin’ Dixie of San-D
Christy Scarpino

2003 Silver Health Certificates

Alpha’s Southern Gentleman
Susan Croteau & Mary Miller

Ch Bunyip’s Kiss The Sky
Glenys Germain

Libertree’s Boston Bombshell
Libertree’s Dancing Outlaw
Susan & George Hunter

Di Amore’s Mi Gemello
Di Amore’s Sophia Loren
Cynthia L. Pagurski

Ch Earl Napoleon of Bashforth
Marilyn Russell

Fourstars’ Sparklin’ Dancer
Whalom’s Golden Girl
Whalom’s Leading Lady
Christy Scarpino

Whalom’s Wild Irish Rose
Christy Scarpino & Debra Silcox-Enders

Sandy Rae’s Jiminey Cricket
Joanne Seasholtz & Lawrence Springer

Ch Hug-Me’s Epiphany By Rebel
Robert & Annette Stavola

Hug-Me and Rivermist Rogue
Padee’s A River Runs Thru It
Ch Rivermist Lord of the Rings
Rivermist Right As Rain
Tony & Rachel E. Stoyanov

Ch Amb-Lyn’s Nocturne N’ Eb-Chopin
Ch KC’s Lil’ Joevee Too
Jeanette Thomason


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