is a member of the American Kennel Club and is also the
National Club which represents, protects, and furthers
the interests of the breed and its owners throughout the world.

2015 Health Certificate Recipients

2015 Gold Health Certificate – Veteran

Susan Fithian, Joyce M. Davis and Thomas J. Davis
GCH CH Davane Remember Me

2015 Gold Health Certificates

Joyce M. Davis
GCH CH Davane-Trader Irresistible Me

Joyce M. Davis and Thomas J. Davis
GCH CH Davane Blame It On The Boogie

Charlotte Donnor, Kayley Kovar and Kathryn Graves
CH Katbird's Bad Moon A'Risin At Fouroaks N Blumoon

Adam & Billie Jo Edwards, Thomas J. & Joyce M. Davis
CH Davane All Of Me
Davane Born To Boogie

Susan Fithian, Joyce M Davis & Thomas J. Davis
CH Davane Despicable Me

Susan Fithian, Linda Trader & Joyce M. Davis
CH Davane-Trader Remarkable Me

Janet A Donahue & Linda G. Martin
BISS GCH CH Martini's Jameson Nightcap

Sue & Mike Gay
Beech Creek's Earth Angel
Beech Creek's Gunstar Hero

Stella Jowers
CH Beau Of Tara Oaks
CH Tara Oaks Hit Me With Your Best Shot
CH Tara Oaks Lil Miss Pitty-Pat
CH Tara Oaks Mr. Hamilton
CH Tara Oaks Shady Lady
GCH CH Martini's Great Ball Of Fire At Tara Oaks
GCH CH Tara Oaks Lil Miss India

Stella L. Jowers, Trad & Joanna Ridgeway
Tara Oaks Shantytown Hero At Doo-Shay

Linda G. Martin
GCH CH Martini's Hey Sugah!

Thomas & Margaret Noble and Sarah Kennedy
GCH CH Kennedy's Noble Reign Of Good Will, CGC

Thomas & Margaret Noble and Wendy Orgren
CH Elite's Noble Ties That Bind, BNRN, CGC

Bruce & Roberta Rettick and Sarah Kennedy
GCH CH Kennedy's N Barcomm's On The Catwalk

Sharon Saberton
Multi BIS GCH Ch Sabe's Simply Invincible

Linda Trader & Joyce Davis
CH Almar's Ride'N Bad, TT
CH Davane-Trader Abracadabra
CH Davane-Trader's Precocious, TT
GCH CH Davane-Trader Amazing, TT

Linda Trader and Joyce M. Davis & Thomas J. Davis
Davane-Trader Diamond Jubilee

Candia Sweet & Linda Trader & Joyce M. Davis
Davane-Trader Twist Of Fate

Karen Workman
CH Sunwoods Fanci That
GCH CH Sunwoods Regal Design
Whirlwin's Hollywood Sensation
Whirlwin's Pop Sensation
Whirlwin's Singular Sensation
Whirlwin's Sweet Sensation

Silvia do Valle
Bless The Goddess Isis, RN
Hail To The Goddess Siwa, CD, BN, PCD, RAE, OA, OAJ, NAP, NJP, NF, CA


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