is a member of the American Kennel Club and is also the
National Club which represents, protects, and furthers
the interests of the breed and its owners throughout the world.

2014 Health Certificate Recipients

2014 Gold Health Certificate – Veteran

GCH Ch Davane Remember Me
Susan Fithian and Joyce & Thomas Davis

Davane-Trader's Bodacious, TT
Ch Davane-Trader's Precocious, TT
Linda Trader and Joyce M. Davis

Ch Ken's Spring Fling
Karen Workman

2014 Gold Health Certificates

Al-Mar's Ride'n Bad, TT
Ch Davane-Trader Beat It, TT
Linda Trader and Joyce M. Davis

Davane All Of Me
Billie-Jo & Adam Edwards and Thomas & Joyce Davis

Ch Davane Despicable Me
Susan Fithian and Joyce & Thomas Davis

GCH Ch Davane The Family Jewels
Susan & Tad Fithian and Joyce & Thomas Davis

Ch Sunwood Fanci That
GCH Ch Sunwoods Regal Design
Wirlwin's Scents Of Style
Karen Workman

GCH Ch El-Bo's-N-Kasinos Dude Perfect
Yuko Shinoda

Ch Elite's Noble Ties That Bind, RN, CGC
Margaret & Thomas Noble and Wendy Orgren

GCH Ch Kennedy's Noble Reign Of Good Will
Margaret & Thomas Noble and Sarah Kennedy

BISS GCH Ch Kennedy's Poetic Justice For Brickhouse, CGC
Kelly Feickert, Sarah Kennedy and Margaret Noble

Kameo's Special Wy Not Edition
Wy Not Small Town Design
Wy Not Take A Chance On Me
Kathryn Currier

GCH Ch Knolland King Of The Road
Beverly Capstick and Luc Boileau



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