is a member of the American Kennel Club and is also the
National Club which represents, protects, and furthers
the interests of the breed and its owners throughout the world.

2013 Health Certificate Recipients

2013 Gold Health Certificate – Veteran

GCH Ch Davane Remember Me
Tad Fithian, Susan Fithian, Joyce Davis & Thomas Davis

Ch Achates Class Act
Ch Achates Deluxe Time Keeper, CGC
Ch Achates George, The Investi-Gater

Sue & Lou LeCalsey

GCh Ch Allews' Bit-A-Awet' Proud To Party
John & Denice Van Driesen

Ch Ken's Spring Fling
Karen Workman

2013 Gold Health Certificates

Ch Touch Of Magic Electric Dreams
Jeanne Bertsch

Ch Wy Not Western Cut Genes
GCH Ch Wy Not's Designer Genes

Kathryn Currier

Ch Davane Blame It On The Boogie
Ch Davane Remember The Time
Ch Davane-Dunhoff Prodigy
Davane –Dunhoff The Crown Jewels

Joyce M. Davis

Davane-Trader-Memory Lane Mad About You
Gene Dobos, Joyce Davis and Linda Trader

GCH Ch Kennedy's Poetic Justice For Brickhouse
Kelly Feichert, Sarah Kennedy and Margaret Noble

GCH Ch Davane The Family Jewels
Ch Davane Despicable Me

Tad Fithian, Susan Fithian, Joyce Davis & Thomas Davis

Ch Tam-Ra's Investing In Gold
Ch Tam-Ra's Secret Ivestment
GCH Ch Tam-Ra's Little Black Dress

Tamara Hough

Ch Kayas A Dance With Tom Jones, BN, RA, NA, NAJ, NF, OAP, OJP, NFP, CGC
Kayas Bless The Broken Road, RA, OAJ, NA, OF, CGC
Kayas You Belong To Me, CD, RE, OA, AXJ, NF, CGC

Elizabeth Johnson and Adrienne Hullender

Achates Puttin' On The Ritz
Ch Achates I Of The Storm
Ch Achates Kendall-Jackson Grande Reserve

Sue & Lou LeCalsey

GCH Ch Kennedy's Noble Reign Of Good Will
Thomas & Margaret Noble and Sarah Kennedy

Ch ChriMaso's Fraternity Toga Party
GCH Ch ChriMaso's Midsummer Night's Dream

Pamela Preston

Ch Ipolani & ChriMaso's Pretty Little Picture
Pamela Preston and Blair Barrett

Ch Sabe's Georgio
Sabe's Donnetella

Sharon Saberton

GCH Ch El-Bo's-N-Kasinos Dude Perfect
Yuko Shinoda

Ch JC's Where's The Picnic Basket
Stoneridge High Flying Aries
Stoneridge In Memory Of Apache
Stoneridge Jetta's On The Move
Stoneridge Riding In A Camry
Stoneridge's Material Girl Of JC's & Linde

Janice Swofford

Ch Davane-Trader Beat It
GCH Ch Davane-Trader Amazing

Linda Trader

Bit-A-Swet Give U A Lift?
Ch Bit-A-Swet Jax Up Your Spirits
GCH Ch Bit-A-Swet Up For A Challenge

John & Denice Van Driesen

Ch Ivy Rose Bit-A-Swet Needless To Say
Denice Van Driesen and Claudia Dickinson

Allews' Pippi Longstockings
Ch Bojenx Jingle Bell Rock For Bit-A-Swet

Denice Van Driesen and Kay Fritz

GCH Ch Sunwoods Regal Design
Sunwood Fanci That
Wirlwin's Scents Of Style

Karen Workman

2013 Silver Health Certificates

Sabe's Simply Scrumptions
Sharon Saberton



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