is a member of the American Kennel Club and is also the
National Club which represents, protects, and furthers
the interests of the breed and its owners throughout the world.

2011 Health Certificate Recipients

2011 Gold Health Certificates

Biloxi Beau
Wy Not’s Importance Of Being Earnest
Wy Not Squeeze The Charmin
Kathryn Currier

Ch Davane-Trader This Is It
Joyce M. Davis & Linda Trader

Ch Sunwoods Lucy In The Sky With Cosmic Diamonds
Ch Sunwoods Cosmic Explosion
Sunwood Cosmic Excursion
Sunwood Cosmic Sensation
Jeri Good

Ch Tam-Ra’s Mega Millionaire
GCh Tam-Ra Sez I’m The One
Ch T-Bo’s Chatty Cathy
Tamara Hough

Martini’s Great Ball Of Fire At Tara Oaks
Stella Jowers, Sue Trivelpiece and Linda Martin

Ch Four Oaks Nip-Tuck
Kayley Kovar and Charlotte Donner

Achates Puttin’ On The Ritz
Ch Achates Class Act
Ch Achates Definitely A Keeper, CGC
Ch Achates Deluxe Time Keeper
Ch Achates Gorgous Alli-Gater
Ch Achates George The Investi-Gater
Ch Achates Gus, The Interro-Gater
Ch Achates High Society
Ch Achates Hometown Legend
Ch Achates I Of The Storm
Ch Achates Kendall-Jackson Grande Reserve
Ch Kennedy’s The Legend Gets Better At Achates
Sue and Lou LeCalsey

Ch Kennedy’s Navigater Of Stars V Achates
Sue LeCalsey and Sarah Kennedy

Ch Kennedy’s Noble Reign Of Goodwill
Thomas & Margaret Noble

Int. Ch Nantom’s Breaking News
Nancy J. & Thomas Paget

Sunwood Reflection Of Cosmo
Jill Ritchey

Ch Sabe’s ‘N Cardinals Fan
Sabe’s Donetella
Sabe’s Georgio
Sabe’s Tricks or Treat
Sharon Saberton

Ch Sabe’s Yankee Warrior
Yuko Shinoda

Ch Davane-Trader Amazing
Linda Trader and Joyce M. Davis

Ch Ken’s Spring Fling
Sunwoods Regal Design
Karen Workman


2011 Silver Health Certificates

Ch Davane Remember Me
Susan J. Fithian and Joyce M. & Thomas J. Davis

Ch Davane The Family Jewels
Tad & Susan J. Fithian and Joyce M. & Thomas J. Davis



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