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BTCA Health Certification Program

Hello fellow club members:

It is that time of year to post a reminder to members of the BTCA about submitting your application and Certificates to me for the 2020 BTCA Health Committee, Health Certification Program. Those who apply for the Gold or Silver Level Certificate will once again be recognized at our Awards Banquet at the 2020 BTCA Nationals. There is NO fee to participate in this program. This special recognition for our Boston's, is especially important for the future health of our Breed. How wonderful it would be to see all the Veterans, 7 years of age or older, receive this special recognition, with it being noted on the Award that they are a Veteran. The information registered with OFA or CERF can then be used in any studies that need to be completed in the future. Thank you, to those of you that have already sent me your applications.

The Cut-off date for all tests to be current and used for the 2020 Award Certificate is December 31, 2019. All Health Certificates are valid for 1 year from date of issue.

With OFA requiring that all permanent identification of dogs be VERIFIED by your Vet, please take the opportunity to have that form completed while having your Vet do a Health Exam.

You can find that form here:

Reminder: Permanent Identification should be implemented prior to any testing.

Please mail PHOTO COPIES of these official Certificates OR A PRINTOUT from OFA's website showing your Boston's status as proof of certification and your completed application.  Mail your appropriate documentation to me, postmarked no later than 2/15/20:

Sue LeCalsey
BTCA Health Committee
760 Van Ess Road
Green Bay WI 54311-9253

Summary of requirements for each level are as follows:

Silver Certificate:
Send a COPY of your eye exam (CERF or OFA ECR) and Patella Certificate along with your completed application form.

Gold Certificate:
In addition to the above documents, you must include proof of your OFA BAER Certification.
In lieu of copies of Certificates, you may send a printout from OFA's or VMDB's Web Site showing your dog's status as proof of Certification, whichever is easier for you to do.

CHIC Certificate:  You will automatically receive your CHIC Certificate after your results for the CERF, OFA Patella and OFA BAER Tests have been registered with CERF and/or OFA. No application or additional fee is required to receive the CHIC Certificate.  It will automatically be mailed to you.

BAER Test Sites may be located at The BAER (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) test needs to be performed only once in a dog's life, sometime after it is 35 days of age. OFA recommends this test should be performed by a Board Certified Veterinary Neurologist, but will accept results from experienced veterinarians and audiologists.
Bilateral hearing PASSES.  Unilateral or bilateral deafness FAILS.

Application fee is $15.00 per dog unless you qualify for the Litter Rate of $30.00 for 3 or more littermates. Kennel Rate is $7.50 for 5 or more dogs owned by the same person.
Equivocal and affected dogs are registered at No Charge.

OFA Eye Certification Registry: CAER Test.  Certification is good for 1 year from date of exam. Dogs should have this exam performed annually.  A list of Veterinary Ophthalmologists can be found at:  and click on "Locate an Ophthalmologist" to find someone in your area. 

These forms should be sent to OFA who has the following Fee structure:
New Submissions:  Individual dogs $12.00, Litter Rate (3 or more puppies from single litter submitted together) is $30.00 and Kennel Rate is $7.50 each (5 or more puppies submitted together with at least 1 common owner of each puppy)
to OFA are $8.00 each, Litter Rate is $30.00 and Kennel Rate is $7.50 each.
OFA does not have a minimum age requirement for testing.

Patella Examination form can be located at
The Patella Examination is performed on dogs 12 months or older by your veterinarian and should be registered in the Patellar Luxation Database with OFA. Puppies examined younger than 12 months will be treated as Preliminary Evaluation and no OFA breed numbers will be assigned. Fee for dogs over 12 months of age is $15.00. The Litter Rate of $30.00 applies to 3 or more submitted together. The Kennel Rate of $7.50 applies to 5 or more submitted together, owned/co-owned by the same person. Equivocal and Affected dogs no charge. Resubmit studies no charge.  It is recommended that Patella's be re-examined bi-annually.

Miscellaneous Web Sites to obtain additional information about each test or Program:


Click here for the BTCA Health Certification Program Application Form

Thank you in advance to everyone that cares enough about the future of this wonderful breed to do these Health Tests and for going the extra mile and submitting your results to OFA.  You may e-mail me at:  Sue@AchatesBostons.Com with any questions.

Sue LeCalsey, Chair of the BTCA Health Certification Program


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